Sam Hillestad
Product Marketing at SetSail
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SetSail AI now analyzes activity data to find the specific rep behaviors that increase win rates and unstick stuck deals.

Today we announced an enhancement to SetSail AI that shows reps the behaviors that increase win rates. Sales reps and leaders can also ask specific questions about deals to identify next best actions and close more deals.

SetSail AI works by capturing and analyzing activity data from across the go-to-market tech stack. The AI picks up on nuanced signals and patterns from rep and prospect interactions that would have otherwise gone undetected.

SetSail AI then uses proprietary models to compare these signals against historical win rates. Finally, the platform identifies the specific behaviors that have the biggest impact on revenue.

Sales teams can access these insights through a chat-based interface to SetSail AI. Users get responses in natural language or graphs, helping them know what activities they should be doing. In seconds, reps get insights that they can use to improve performance, and leaders get insights to support coaching. For instance:

  • An SDR at a SetSail customer found that their top-performing peers send emails with videos 56% more often.
  • An AE found that their high-performing teammates were sending emails with PDF attachments 79% less often.
  • A new BDR found that top reps on their team sent 49% more emails in the first 2 weeks of the quarter.
  • A mid-market AE found that the most successful members of the team were meeting with internal business consultants 63% more often. They were also meeting with partners 68% more often.

“Sales reps struggle to get visibility into what their most successful peers are doing right,” said Danny Pan, Head of Data Science at SetSail. “SetSail AI offers a new way for reps to see what they should be doing to hit their targets. They no longer need to have a manager to intervene, rely on Ops to do a lengthy analysis, or resort to guesswork. They can ask questions to SetSail AI and move their deals forward.”

SetSail AI takes a holistic approach to its analysis. Unlike generic solutions, it analyzes every interaction on every deal to find links between results and winning behaviors. It organizes these behaviors into ‘themes’, like multi-threading or partner selling. Plus, it spots key activity types, like meetings with certain personas or emails about particular topics, such as pricing.

SetSail AI is available to every rep for every SetSail customer.

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