Michaela Mendes
Head of Content & Strategy
Table of contents:

There are certain days your prospects are much less likely to get on a call with you. 

Maybe you already know which days are more or less popular – after all, you just need to look at your AE calendars to see when they’re most busy. 

But we decided to analyze thousands of sales meeting times across enterprise Salesforce instances to draw our own conclusions. 

The magic meeting day: Thursday 

We found that most sales meetings happen on Thursday. 

The next two most popular days were Wednesday and Tuesday. 

Somewhat surprisingly, even though Friday is the end of the week and you may think prospects have more time to spend on external calls, it came in fourth in popularity. 

And not shockingly…Monday is last. Everyone needs to focus at the start of the week. No room in the calendar for anything else! 

So what? 

If prospects are more likely to meet with you on Thursday, take advantage of free space on their calendar – make this your outreach day. Send the email and make the follow-up call. Chances are pretty good they may have a break in meetings and some extra time to chat. 

If it’s on you to propose a time to meet, start with proposing a Thursday. You may be more likely to get a yes!

Remember: this data is true on a generalized level, but it’s always important to figure out what’s true for you and your company specifically. 

Every business has a unique audience and sales process. Use SetSail Discover to figure out your magic meeting day.