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With the rise of remote work and online selling, B2B organizations are increasingly turning to RevOps professionals to align data and drive growth.

Revenue Operations (RevOps) professionals break down silos and align initiatives and departments, while RevOps leaders enable companies to scale their revenue consistently and predictably.

Organizations prioritizing RevOps have reported 30% reductions in GTM expenses, encouraging many more companies to consider investing in their RevOps talent. This is great news for professionals looking to build a career in RevOps.

We have compiled our top 30 RevOps leaders to help you along your journey.

Note not everyone on this list has "RevOps" featured in their title. That's because RevOps sits at the crossroads of marketing, sales, and operations, providing for diverse skill sets to be recruited into or acquired within the ecosystem.

Read our list of RevOps leaders below!

Jessica Zangre, Head of Revenue Operations, Syncari

Jessica has 15 years of B2B tech experience problem solving with systems, processes, and tools. As Head of Revenue Operations at Synacari, Jessica specializes in Salesforce architecture and infrastructure.  For more information, see Jessica's breakdown of comp plans (and how important they are for revenue teams) in this lively roundtable discussion! In video sessions titled “Distributed Truth and the Marketing Plan,” Jessica discusses the modern technology landscape and shifting marketing conditions. She explains how she is reducing the time from lead to close and improving the marketing budget by targeting the correct buyer across teams by making precise, dependable customer data and insights available in real-time. 

Michael McKinnon, VP of Global Revenue Operations, LogRhythm

As VP of Global RevOps, Michael manages all operations for the revenue generating teams of sales, marketing and channel. He is the author of The Marketing Operations Handbook and an award winning B2B marketer with 20 years experience in demand generation and marketing operations experience with expertise in marketing automation, demand generation and RPM. Michael designs, implements, and manages complex processes and integrated systems across the globe to achieve revenue goals and KPIs.

Rajesh Bhattad, RevOps Strategy & Solutions, RevSure AI

Rajesh, who also goes by “TheRevOpsGuy,” is a founding member of RevSure AI that helps B2B SaaS companies reduce the uncertainty around revenue growth through Sales Pipeline Readiness and a full-funnel view of business metrics. Before RevSure AI, Rajesh worked as Head of Revenue and Sales Operations for companies like Hubilo and Whatfix, driving revenue growth and setting process excellence.

“As a RevOps professional, you are like the bellboy on the Titanic - your job is to alert the Captains of your business on any icebergs that might derail your business and not be a reactive function telling: ‘Oops! We hit the iceberg, Captain. Gonna sink!’ ” - Rajesh. For more advice on Ops, see his website, “TheSalesOpsGuy.”

Brianna Doe, Sr Manager, Demand Generation, Inventables

Brianna leads content marketing and demand generation at Inventables and partners with RevGenius as Job Support Pillar Lead. Be sure to follow Brianna's LinkedIn to get tips ranging from RevOps to interview prep. Brianna recently launched Career Mode to help marketers assert themselves and build careers. Some of Brianna's career highlights include her work at UJUU where she drove $1 million in monthly revenue, increased email subscribers by 100%, and built a social media community of 200,000 fans

Robin Izsak-Tseng, VP of Revenue Marketing, G2

Robin has demonstrated success in various B2B SaaS organizations and is VP of Revenue Marketing at G2. She is skilled in demand gen, digital, ABM, content strategy, sales & marketing alignment, and category building. As a marketing consultant, she’s helped B2B and B2C teams drive engagement and conversion through account targeting, content strategy, demand gen programs, and Martech initiatives. Before joining G2, she held senior marketing roles at BetterCloud and Logi Analytics and served as a marketing strategy consultant and Marketo user group co-leader.

Marc DeGaetano, Chief Revenue Officer, BigID

Marc is an experienced CRO in the information technology and software industry, including cyber, cloud, data, and infrastructure. Mark has more than 23 years of senior-level sales, data security, and data management leadership experience from companies including Rubrik, Tanium, Symantec, and Veritas. He is responsible for leading BigID’s global sales organization. At BigID, he helps empower organizations to reimagine data management for privacy, security, and governance across their entire data landscape. 

Mollie Bodensteiner, Global Revenue Operations Leader, Deel and Advisor, Syncari

Mollie is an experienced operation professional with a demonstrated history of leveraging data to produce results. She’s passionate about utilizing technology to drive performance and innovation. “No other team is working cross-functionally across the organization, but leadership overlooks the strategic value of Revenue Operations. Make sure Revenue Operations has a seat at the leadership table. Get the seat!" In this RevAmp podcast, she talks about the value of data in revenue operations and how improved data helps decision-makers be more effective. In addition, check out her teaching session on how to improve your soft skills and become a more persuasive advocate as a marketing operations expert.

“Make sure Revenue Operations has a seat at the leadership table. No other team is working cross-functionally across the organization, yet leadership overlooks the strategic value that Revenue Operations can provide. Get the seat!"
- Mollie Bodensteiner

Rosalyn Santa Elena, Founder & Chief Revenue Operations Officer at The RevOps Collective 

Rosalyn has over 20 years of experience heading GTM/Revenue Operations at both enterprise firms and rapid-growth start-ups. She is passionate about creating and improving revenue teams' people, systems, and processes. She currently holds the positions of Vice President of Global Revenue Operations at Neo4j, Host of The Revenue Engine Podcast, and Advisor to several fast-growing businesses. Rosalyn is a champion of all things operational and is a dynamic leader in several enterprises. See her podcast “The Revenue Engine” and her website Inbound 2022 for more information! 

Jared Robin, Co-Founder, RevGenius 

After being in sales and marketing for 15 years, Jared founded RevGenius to make a difference in the industry, growing into a community of 28,000 sales, marketing, RevOps, and customer success professionals. His mission is to bring inspiration and creativity to all revenue professionals and create a space where everyone has access to an environment to fast-track their careers. He is the host of the Revenue Today podcast, where he speaks with revenue executives to learn what is important to them and how to expand businesses for the future. He is an adviser to several SaaS businesses, such as Syncari, Gated, and Offsite. He assists them in utilizing the neighborhood in their GTM plans. 

"RevOps is still nebulous for many organizations. In some, it’s really just CRM administration. Other orgs still have silos between sales and marketing ops. RevOps is a cool new name that companies are trying on, but many still need to do more work to make it work as actual RevOps"

-Jared Robin

Eddie Reynolds, CEO and Revenue Operations Strategy Consultant, Union Square Consulting

Eddie is a RevOps Consultant who sells, markets, and works to retain and grow customers daily. As the CEO, CRO, and Revenue Operations Strategy Consultant at Union Square Consulting, he’s worked with high-growth companies, primarily B2B SaaS companies, to help them with Revenue Operations Strategy, planning, and ensuring revenue teams are using the systems correctly. See his podcast “RevOps Corner,” which shares the best practices for Strategic Revenue Operations. 

Craig Handy, Director of Revenue Operations, York IE

Craig is passionate about utilizing data to build systems and processes that drive revenue across marketing, lead generation, and sales teams. He is York IE's Director of Revenue Operations, which is intended to hasten the expansion of your business. York UE blends people, processes, technology, and data with cutting-edge GTM methods to launch your product or service and create a dependable revenue engine for scalability.

Adam J. B., Business Unit Manager, ORCKID

Adam is an international marketing, sales, and operations professional. He has experience leading teams and inspiring best practices in businesses from start-ups to multinational sizes. As Business Unit Manager for ORCKID’s Revenue Operations practice, he helps the team implement, integrate, and improve the return on investment his clients see from their revenue platforms by focusing on their people and processes first. His drive is to make a difference in people's lives and the environment by using business as a force for good.

Angela Frackowiak, Director of Growth Operations, Armis 

With 15 years of experience in software and hardware sales, Angela is a results-driven sales leader with a track record of exceeding sales goals and generating significant revenue growth. She closely interacts with Marketing, Operations, and IT/BA and loves onboarding and coaching new salespeople. She has experience working for a wide range of organizations, Angela is the Director of Growth Operations at Armis, which provides the industry's top asset intelligence platform built to meet the emerging threat environment that connected devices produce.

JM Wilke, VP of Operations, Scott Leese Consulting

JM Wilke is VP of Operations and Principal Growth Consultant at Scott Leese Consulting, which focuses on companies scaling from $0 - $25m ARR. Check out a recent podcast, “How technology can help recruit and retain a happy Sales Team,” where she discusses how technology affects efficiency in RevOps, and how good sales operations technology and processes can help recruit and retain a happy sales team. JM is a member of RevGenius and previously served as Director of Sales Operations at Qualia.

Avra Schaaf, Principal, Value Creation Lead Edge Capital

Avra is experienced in Revenue/GTM operations and working in hyper-growth, metrics, and data-driven B2B SaaS technology organizations that enable customers to turn data into action. She is passionate about understanding an organization's most significant problems and figuring out how she can help solve those problems. At Vista Consulting Group, she oversaw several transformational initiatives inside Vista Family firms through strategic and operational assistance, leading to gains in productivity and achievement. Now, she works at Lead Edge Capital, a company that invests in private and public software, internet, consumer, and tech-enabled services businesses.

Brad Rosen, President and Head of Revenue Operations, Sales Assembly

Brad has extensive experience growing GTM teams and a passion for Revenue Operations. As President of Sales Assembly, he oversees all strategy and operations and leads many GTM teams. He is currently helping to build the first Scale-as-a-Service platform, allowing B2B companies to scale.  He believes creating a strong RevOps organization may set you apart when promoting efficient and effective growth.

Travis Henry, Director, Sales Operations and Enablement, Snowflake

Travis is an experienced manager and consultant who loves growing revenue and market share through operational efficiency, organizational alignment, individual coaching, and overall sales productivity. His specialties include growth strategy, sales planning, and sales operations. At Snowflake, he shares the responsibility for operations and enablement functions supporting the sales development organization. 

See his interview, “How One Sales Operations Leader Runs a Pipeline Machine: An Interview With Snowflake’s Travis Henry,” describing how sales operations directors may help their SDRs and frontline managers implement a pipeline engine.

Justin Browne, Head of Sales Strategy, Sales Operations, and GTM Intelligence, Workato

Justin’s career has had 3 phases: financial services, consulting, and enterprise software. He learned how to analyze and evaluate in the first phase, learned how to problem solve and drive impact in the second phase, and learned how to operate, drive sales, and build GTM strategies in the third phase. His specialties include sales strategy, growth strategy, and sales operations. He’s currently Head of Sales Strategy, Operations, and GTM Intelligence, a platform that automates work across your organization. See his class, “Optimizing Your Tech Stack: Doing More with Less.” 

Matt Ashburn, Head of Revenue Operations, Cribl

Matt Ashburn is Head of Revenue Operations at Cribl, which aims to help customers reduce low-value data, enrich more data with context, improve data routing, and secure data based on compliance and privacy mandates. Matt previously worked in in ops roles at Kong, Cloudera, VMware, and more. 

Anne Marie Cernera, Director of Revenue Operations, AbsenceSoft

Anne Marie’s goal is to help companies build a strong revenue operations foundation from day one. According to Anne Marie, early-stage companies shouldn't have to sacrifice high-quality data and reporting. Her combination of best practices implementation, tech stack integration, and sales process improvements have brought companies to a point where they can have high confidence in their reporting.

Jordan Henderson, Director of Revenue Operations, The Riverside Company

Jordan is a skilled revenue operations leader with a background in customer success, account-based marketing, sales enablement, sales operations, sales development, and strategic planning. To optimize the effectiveness of our company's revenue-generating initiatives, he collaborates cross-functionally with sales, marketing, customer success, and finance. In this podcast, hear Jodan discuss the importance of RevOps for sales teams in the current digital selling environment, what it implies for your GTM strategy, and how RevOps will continue to develop and flourish.

Anne Pao, Vice President of Revenue Operations & Enablement, Maven Clinic 

Anne is enthusiastic about developing and implementing integrated solutions that have a significant effect by combining technology, data, and human experiences. At Maven Clinic, Anne oversees a unified, cooperative team that combines sales operations, go-to-market analytics, technology integration, enablement, and sales development. Anne assists the GTM teams with gaining clarity, increasing efficiency, and streamlining integrated operations. Earlier this year, Anne formed the RevOps Village, which is a monthly community that brings together 200+ revenue leaders to discuss various topics related to RevOps and wider revenue optimization and enablement.

Eric Portugal Welsh, Director of Revenue Operations, Demostack 

Eric enjoys building processes, working with motivated cross-functional teams, and implementing tools to enable people to work without feeling burdened. Eric has over five years of operations experience and is a self-professed process, data, and efficiency nerd. As Demostack's Director of Revenue Operations, he assists SaaS revenue executives in accelerating development with customized demos at scale. 

David Ma, Head of GTM Ops & Strategy, Zip 

David is Head of GTM Ops and Strategy at Zip, a company that reinvented how companies manage their B2B spending. He produces quick, accurate results for companies like Front, Portico, etc. See his interview with Rory Brown at Kluster about David’s task of creating and implementing a new forecasting system at Front. 

 Kevin "KD" Dorsey, Practice Lead: Revenue Leadership, Winning by Design  

At Winning by Design, Kevin focuses on creating and leading world-class coaching, training, and content for SaaS Sales Leaders. Kevin loves scaling sales teams, building teams from 0-150+ reps and revenues from 0-100M+ ARR (and counting). He believes in processes and systems, paired with skill development, as the code to success. He teaches several courses, such as Managing for Leadership and Managing for Impact. Additionally, listen to the podcast "Inside Sales Performance," where he talks about how to boost sales performance and how investing in his own sales training has been crucial to his success.

Akia Obas, Director, Data & Insights, Netlify  

Akia has extensive experience leading programs and teams in analytics, data science, analytics engineering, and data engineering. She is a true business partner, able to forge solid relationships with strategic leaders and build consensus across multiple organizational levels. Check out her blog post, “Beyond the Box: Stop relying on your Black co-worker to help you build a diverse team.” 

Saad Khan, GTM Advisor

Saad is a thought leader in revenue operation and shares best practices in the SaaS space on his LinkedIn and multiple podcasts. He is a highly active in revenue communities such as Pavillion, being a leading expert on building effective relationships between AEs and BDRs. See The Revenue Playbook, where Saad talks about his secrets for training and coaching people to become successful BDRs. He explains why training alone is not enough, and that coaching is the key to helping BDRs learn the ropes, fit into their role, and make it their own.

Heather Robinette, Revenue Operations Manager, Asite

As Revenue Operations Manager at Asite, Heather helps people share information and build knowledge in a secure environment in the cloud. She also created and implemented a global sales process to align sales teams across four regions, including working with the leadership team and creating a 40-page handbook. She’s been instrumental in taking HubSpot usage and adoption from 15% to 100% across the sales and marketing teams in less than three months and reconfiguring the Salesforce/HubSpot sync to provide more visibility and reporting. See her website for more information!

Aaron Hill, SVP Growth Strategy, The Arbinger Institute

Aaron is an experienced Revenue Leader, Operator, and Consultant, with a background in the industry, including Software (SaaS), Hospitality, Real Estate, Residential Services, and Finance. He provides strategic guidance for companies seeking improved recurring revenue to achieve hyper-growth through marketing and demand generation expertise. At The Arbinger Institute, he helps design and executes all sales and growth strategies. 

Parm Uppal, Chief Revenue Officer, Luminary Cloud 

Parm is a competitive, results-driven leader and board advisor on GTM strategy with a strong track record of overachievement. He has experience in building high-growth sales programs and developing sales leaders. He makes excellent teams with a critical focus on core activities such as recruitment, development, retention, sales process, etc. In addition to being CRO at Luminary Cloud, he serves as a GTM Advisor to Chronosphere and Board Member at SetSail.