How Does Airbnb Disrupt with Design?

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Letting a person into your home involves a careful evaluation process, but with the right behavioral principles, it can become a task that you can easily perform from your smartphone. In this episode, the talented Product Leader Jiaona Zhang shares the most significant lessons learned while being part of the Product Development team in Airbnb, such as the importance of progress trackers, real-time feedback and host measurement beyond the guest reviews. Listen and learn how to build experiences that delight and bring the best out of each user!

Research for this episode was compiled and summarized by Irrational Labs. Read and download the Airbnb Citations.

Jump straight into:

(01:10) - Today’s guest Jiaona Zhang introduction.

(02:30) - Consider using progress trackers: Insights from the onboarding flow design for hosts at Airbnb.

(09:03) - Trying to hit the mark: The science that makes uploading photos to Airbnb a less daunting experience.

(10:59) - Rapid and relevant feedback: How Airbnb achieves small incremental changes in hosts' behavior and deals with bad experiences.

(17:00) - Enabling more honest reviews: The secret sauce behind the rating system development in Airbnb.

(23:07) - Measurement beyond the ratings: How response time impacts the way in which the app measures each host (and how that measurement improves the host behavior).

(27:47) - Carrots and sticks: The value of public recognition and enhancing the communication between guests and hosts.

(32:36) - Micro learnings from setting new norms: The link between interaction and comfort (and providing guests the choice to interact).

(35:38) - Everyone wants to be delighted: Lessons from Jiaona’s early gaming experience that have impacted her PM skills.

(40:11) - A spirit of optimization: What change has Airbnb established over the last 10 years?