How Does Asana Make Us More Accountable?

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You’ve probably heard of Asana or maybe you already use it in your workplace. In this episode, Paige Costello, Core Product Leader at Asana, joins the show to explain the features that help codify and amplify some of the key components that make work work. We talk about interesting concepts such as deadline visibility, social loafing, long-term planning and authentic acts of recognition. Let's take a look at what work actually is and which are the most important (and sometimes hidden) gears that create productive work environments!

Research for this episode was compiled and summarized by Irrational Labs. Read and download the Asana Citations.

Jump straight into:

(01:42) - The coordination layer: Asana's role in helping teams plan and achieve their work together.

(05:45) - A visual connection: How Asana’s accurate deadline display turns procrastination into motivation.

(10:05) - Is social loafing a real thing? Team productivity, accountability systems, being evaluated and why public tasks are so effective to overcome social loafing.

(15:28) - Traction, focus and engagement drive: The tools that make it easier to break down big projects into small tasks.

(21:41) - A manager’s best friend: Asana’s insights to make long-term planning and goal tracking easier.

(25:37) - Setting the norm: Templates, updates and other features that help Asana work for every team structure and user.

(31:03) - The power of compliments: Enabling specific and authentic acts of appreciation and the future of collaborative work management.