How Does WW Help Us Lose Weight?

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There are a ton of diets and weight loss programs out there, so does Weight Watchers actually work? What strategies have they developed to track new habits and break old ones? Tune in and learn Weight Watchers tactics to encourage people to eat better and stay motivated in the very difficult path of losing weight.

Research for this episode was compiled and summarized by Irrational Labs. Read and download the WW Citations.

Jump straight into:

(00:50) - How Weight Watchers fights Americans’ complicated relationship with diets: The best way to introduce new habits and break existing ones.

(05:17) - Thinking about balance, moderation, and expectations: How to teach people awareness and build an identity around healthy habits.

(08:51) - Micro-habit changes and making-one time decisions: What triggers people to join WW and how do they keep motivation?

(15:52) - Some factors that make people stay longer on a diet: The highs and lows, and the challenge of tracking the path of weight loss.

(21:11) - Set goals successfully and take action!: Figuring out your barriers and making a plan to overcome them.

(24:07) - How does the WW point system work?: A simpler way to interpret a nutrition label to help you eat better.