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"SetSail gives me insights into what activities actually lead to results."

Scott Keane

VP, Global Sales Development, Databricks

Top 50 sales products, 2023
Leader, Fall 2023
Leader americas fall 2023
Enterprise Leader Americas Fall 2023
Easiest to do business with fall 2023
Leader enterprise fall 2023

The AI Analyst for revenue teams

Dashboards that don’t get used. Recommendations that reps ignore. Alerts that aren’t opened. Sound familiar? Not with SetSail. SetSail delivers revenue intelligence that teams actually use. 

Supercharge sales with AI-powered deal insights, meeting prep, MEDDICC analysis, and more. Tuned to your business. Pushed to sales teams in email and Slack.

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For revenue operations

Push accurate, timely insights to sales teams where they work. No dashboards and no effort.

For sales leaders

Control your pipeline and guide your teams to the best next step with AI-powered recommendations and insights.

For sellers

Stay in control of every opportunity with alerts and intelligence that help you win more deals.

Get more revenue intelligence resources from SetSail

We’ve mined millions of emails, call transcripts, and more. We’ve interviewed the top sellers in the industry. And we’ve compiled our insights from across the revenue intelligence market for you.

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