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Full Steam Ahead on Our Mission to Empower Every Rep

Candice Coots
Content Marketing at SetSail
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2020 turned the world of sales upside down. With more than 5 million sales reps transitioning to working from home, there has never been a greater need for reimagining how sales is done.

I am excited to announce that we have closed $26M in series A funding led by Insight Partners, to transform sales for the digital age.

The potential of every rep

Every sales leader knows that a big part of the revenue is driven by a small number of super-reps. In most organizations, about 25% of reps drive 75% of the total revenue. After years of investments, sales leaders now realize that enablement, process, and tools are not enough to close that gap.

We launched SetSail with a belief that it's not the person's lack of knowledge that prevents their success. It's their lack of motivation, confidence, and guidance. So we combined our knowledge in machine learning with behavioral science to introduce a new way to unlock the potential of every rep.

A new way to motivate sales

Today, SetSail empowers thousands of reps to be successful with a proven 15%-20% gain in their revenue contribution. And with COVID-19, fully remote teams rely on our platform to manage their growth in a way that’s engaging, fun, and transparent. Our approach is simple: automate all data entry and reward sales teams on doing what’s right for their customers.

We officially launched our platform in October 2019 and so far onboarded thousands of reps.
Some stats that speak to the value SetSail delivers to customers:

  • Delivered $30M in additional revenue to our customers by deploying >$200K of rewards to sales reps: That’s 15X ROI
  • Delivered 1.4 Million AI deal recommendations
  • Analyzed 57 Million emails and created 248,000 new contacts
  • Saved >200,000 hours of manual data entry

The end to end platform from data to behaviors

What sets SetSail apart is that we have built a platform that addresses a complete flow from data to behaviors. It starts with a single view of your revenue data that integrates every customer interaction. This part is key because the proliferation of tools has made it hard for sales leaders to have that reliable clean view of sales data. Then we discover what works in your deals to not just give you dashboards, but identify the correct 'buying signals'. Last, we automate rep actions in a very simple intuitive workflow, rewarding them for every right step taken - on each signal, in every deal. Our goal is to address deal progression and develop new selling habits like no training or sales play could ever do.

On a journey with customers that challenge the status quo

While we had the idea to change sales, it’s thanks to our innovative customers, Pendo, Dropbox, Cisco, Lyft, and many others who have understood the need for this change. I’m grateful to each and every one of our customers for joining us in this journey to reimagine sales. Together, we will create a movement to transform how we connect, grow, and build customer trust in this new age of sales.