Sales Team Management

SetSail Launches Customizable “Targets” Dashboard to Help Sales Leaders Easily Track and Improve Rep Performance

Sam Hillestad
Product Marketing at SetSail
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Sales leaders get an at-a-glance view of rep execution versus the specific behaviors and goals that drive their business.

Today we announced the release of SetSail's new “Targets” dashboard. This new reporting functionality lets sales leaders see how reps are executing against the metrics that drive their business so they can proactively adjust team behavior.

Traditional sales dashboards rely on generic lagging indicators that don’t help your team win. A better approach is to track the unique leading indicators that determine whether your organization will actually hit its goals.

With SetSail Targets, sales leaders can monitor more than traditional goals like bookings. They can also track leading indicators — like the number of multithreaded opportunities or decision-makers engaged — or custom signals specific to their sales process. This helps leaders identify how reps can improve their overall performance.

“Sales leaders have always had to juggle between multiple dashboards across multiple platforms, using inaccurate or missing data, just to answer basic questions about rep performance,” said SetSail's CEO Haggai Levi. “This new dashboard finally gives sales leaders a single view into rep performance that is accurate, customized, and instantly actionable.”

SetSail Targets is built on our powerful sales data layer and AI-driven signals engine. That means leaders can make smart decisions based on complete and accurate data — and the insights that matter for their business. 

The “Targets” dashboard includes a configurable Performance Score that aggregates data about rep attainment toward all of their targets. Using this score, managers can easily identify who is on pace for their goals and support those most in need of coaching.

“We didn’t want this to be yet another black box, which is why the Performance Score and targets are all customizable, transparent, and determined by the customer,” said SetSail Chief Product Officer Bert Lui. “Sales leaders can set custom targets for the metrics they care about most, weight them how they see fit, and know exactly how the score was calculated.”

Users can take advantage of SetSail’s pre-built library of leading indicators, create their own custom metrics based on their unique sales process, or leverage SetSail’s GPT integration to get AI-powered suggestions for targets.

The Targets dashboard is available to all SetSail customers. Contact us to see the new functionality in action.