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Behavior change is hard. Actively changing another person’s behavior is even harder. But many companies have been able to crack that code. They’re the companies who understand that people don’t always — or maybe even rarely — act rationally.

The Science of Change is a podcast that seeks to demystify how businesses apply the psychology of decision-making. Each episode features visionary product or organizational leaders to find out how they’ve leveraged data to learn about both their customers’ and their employees’ behavior — and how they’ve managed to change it. Those insights, along with some of the latest research in their fields, will help us get to the bottom of our core psychologies.

So let’s dig in and unlock the secrets behind The Science of Change.

New episodes premiere each Tuesday.

Kristen Berman
Behavioral Scientist | CEO and Co-founder of Irrational Labs
Episode 7
How Is PFF Changing the Game of Football?
In this episode, Kristen talks with Eric Eager, VP of Research and Development at Pro Football Focus, a data collection and analysis firm, to discover the many ways in which they’re changing the game of football with behavior science.
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Episode 6
How Does LinkedIn Get You a Job?
What is the perfect job for you? In a world with thousands of companies and millions of job seekers, what’s the most efficient way of finding your dream job? In this episode of Science of Change, Kristen talks to Ada Yu, Director of Product Management at LinkedIn, to understand how this platform helps people and companies find the perfect match while mitigating bias, helping seekers apply for the right openings, and making the hiring processes much easier for everyone.
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Episode 5
How Does WW Help Us Lose Weight?
Americans have a complicated relationship with diets, and obesity is a global epidemic rapidly becoming the single most preventable cause of costly chronic diseases. To talk about the difficulties of weight loss and how to overcome them, our host Kristen Berman talks to Julie O’Brien, behavioral scientist and former head of Applied Behavioral Science at WW.
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Episode 4
Can Credit Karma Help Us Manage Our Money?
Credit Karma’s Kyle Thibaut talks with Kristen about getting people to save and spend, habit formation, removing friction, and overall changing people’s relationship with money; all leading to Credit Karma’s ultimate goal: automate our finances for us. Hop in and learn about this company’s behavioral science and its expertise in defaulting people into good financial behavior.
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Episode 3
How Does Sleepio Put Us To Sleep?
Chief Product Officer at Big Health Kelvin Kwong and host Kristen Berman go deep on the science, the methods, and the effects that constitute Big Health’s success; from getting people to learn new strategies to assessing their improvement and establishing commitment. Join this conversation and learn about the science behind your anxiety or sleep assistance mobile app.
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Episode 2
How Does Duolingo Get Us To Learn a Language?
From their daily streaks and batches, all the way to the length and difficulty of each exercise, Kristen and Duolingo’s Head of Product Management Cem Kansu unpack the behavioral science behind Duolingo App. Listen and learn from the challenges, Cem and his team have managed to solve.
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Episode 1
How Is Peloton So Good at Getting Us To Exercise?
From the way they’ve crafted workouts to their engagement strategies such as leaderboards and streaks, Peloton’s strategies look like a behavior science textbook. Join this conversation and peek inside the secrets behind Peloton.
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What Is The Science of Change?
Join host Kristen Berman, behavioral scientist and co-founder of Irrational Labs, as she chats with visionary product and organizational leaders to uncover their insights about user behavior — and how they’ve managed to change it.
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