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How SetSail works

SetSail collects sales data across your go-to-market tech stack. It detects which activities top performers do to close deals faster.

Stop asking,
“Is it in the CRM?”

Automatically capture sales data from across your go-to-market tech stack. Know that Salesforce and your analytics tools are always current, complete, and accurate.

Know what good looks like

Learn what rep activity wins. Know what reps are doing. Spot signals and leading indicators that set your high-performers apart.

Accelerate revenue growth

Optimize your sales process with data. Raise your team’s baseline performance by making winning behaviors standard across your reps.

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What our customers say

Data is the heart of a high velocity SaaS and subscription business. SetSail creates a healthy data foundation that drives forecast, demand generation, and insight across the business.

Jason Mead

VP, Global Revenue Operations

We now have a clear view of all activities and their impact. We can easily identify which sales team members are working hard to lead to long-term engagement and success.

Scott Allison

VP of sales

We now have visibility into performance and activities that we would never be able to leverage without SetSail.

Scott H. Edmunds

founding team, cro

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Ready to find your missing sales data and boost rep performance?