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If you’re in RevOps, RevTech, or Sales Operations, you’ve probably heard of Gong. Gong is primarily a conversational intelligence tool that offers a revenue intelligence platform to help revenue and sales leaders visualize team performance and deals. 

We’re big fans of Gong and its capabilities — especially because using Gong and SetSail together is a proven recipe for sales team success. 

In this article, we’ll review Gong's main features, integrations, and pricing so you can determine if it’s a good fit for your company. 

What does Gong do? 

Gong is a conversational intelligence and revenue technology platform designed to analyze sales conversions and improve the sales processes and productivity of B2B revenue teams. 

Its sales enablement functionality also provides your sales reps with the necessary resources, content, and tools for closing deals with new and existing customers. This helps your sales reps make more consistent decisions during customer interactions. 

As a sales software tool, Gong uses conversion analytics technology and AI to determine the specific insights revenue teams need when understanding customer interactions. 

Use Gong to solve the following challenges

  1. Inefficient sales coaching:

Sales coaching is a crucial part of any business. Through proper sales coaching, sales reps can learn best practices, follow through with the actions that lead to closed-won deals, and build long-lasting customer relationships. 

That said, not all sales coaching programs are going to be cost-efficient. With Gong, however, you can improve your sales coaching and quickly turn your sales reps into top sellers.

  1. Long ramp time:

A new sales hire takes 6 to 9 months. With Gong, you use role-specific learning to reduce ramp time for new sales hires and decrease the effort it takes to get new reps to close deals. 

And with SetSail’s sales tracking in place, reps learn from top performers, and managers get insights into how each rep needs to improve to close crucial skills gaps.

SetSail’s smart signals also measure where your new reps stand on leading indicators of success to keep them from falling behind. 

  1. Poor sales conversions:

Inconsistencies can still happen even when teams address poor sales conversions with structured approaches and proper planning.

Rather than relying on subjectivity and manual entry, Gong prioritizes data and automation to keep deals on track and teams aligned on critical numbers so that it’s easier to manage your pipeline. It then uses this data to create accurate forecasts regarding changing trends or behaviors in customer conversions.

SetSail can also help here. With all sales data in one place, including insights from Gong, managers can review critical buying signals and quickly understand the context of every deal. They’re better equipped to help their reps elevate and customize their sales conversations.

Whether you’re an executive-level RevOps leader, part of a sales enablement team, or a frontline sales manager, Gong and SetSail can help improve your sales reps' sales conversions. 

Gong Review 

Unlike other platforms — which may be just now trying to enter the revenue intelligence market — Gong has been active in the space for more than five years and is still going strong. 

Designed to help better understand and interpret customer interactions, it can help allow revenue teams to make informed decisions based on facts and data without biases or human error.

The platform captures and analyzes sales conservations and delivers essential statistics such as talk ratio and customer monologues. These details are then used to identify improvement areas within your sales reps' performances. 

Gong also uses reliable tools such as Cloudflare to prevent security threats on its platform. It’s trusted by major brands such as LinkedIn, Slack, Shopify, and Zillow, further underscoring its commitment to ensuring a safe platform for all users, an increasingly important trend in RevOps

Gong Features
Here are some of Gong’s key features: 

  • Deal Intelligence. As a way to leverage AI’s potential even further in B2B sales, Gong enables sales leaders to see customer interactions and run data-backed pipeline inspections quickly. With the help of AI-driven deal intelligence capabilities such as the Deal Board, Engagement Map, and Deal Warnings, sales leaders can understand and assess the quality of service being offered by sales reps. 

Deal intelligence can also help revenue teams achieve higher closing rates and access the latest transaction activities. Using deal intelligence will ensure that your revenue teams collaborate to formulate effective sales strategies. 

  • People Intelligence. With Gong, you can analyze how your “A” players perform during sales calls and use their capabilities to help improve your whole team's sales productivity. And you can let your reps learn from each other through peer sales coaching. 

As a sales manager or revenue leader, you can also gain easy access to your sales reps' activities and scale manager-led sales coaching. 

When Gong is used with SetSail, you can use Gong’s “Trackers” in a SPIFF to motivate winning behaviors. By incentivizing those critical moments, you can improve win rates at any stage by providing rewarding sales reps for quality interactions. 

  • Market Intelligence. Through Gong's market intelligence service, you’ll be able to see your buyer's and competitor's activity insights and quantify potential deals for your business. Using AI, Gong can help you understand what your customers are saying, track sales trends, and address the changing behaviors of your sales reps.

By getting more insights from your teams' best and worst practices, you’ll be able to execute more effective sales strategies with customer interactions.

Gong Integrations 

Gong can integrate with sales data hubs such as SetSail, automation & workflow such as Zapier, customer relationship management software (CRM) such as Salesforce, and more, including 

  • Google Workspace
  • Slack
  • Vidyard
  • Proposify
  • Highspot
  • Office 365
  • Salesloft
  • Amazon Connect
  • CallRail 
  • Close.io
  • And more

Gong Pros 

  • Provides recommendations for improving sales processes 
  • Reduces onboarding time for new reps 
  • Saves rep times while also increasing revenue output 
  • Allows for a review of past sales calls and what leads to success, or what can be improved
  • Integrates easily with SetSail and other essential sales software tools

Gong Cons

  • Due to its extensiveness, some reviewers had a hard time understanding Gong's entire interface
  • Can’t include buying signals from other software like SetSail or Outreach can
  • Focuses on sales call recording only, rather than all sales activity, such as an emails

Gong.io Pricing

Because the needs of each company can vary, Gong offers customized quotes for their services. 

The Best Sales Data Tool to Use with Gong 

To make Gong even more effective for your revenue team, integrate it with tools that can improve the data it’s using, like SetSail. 

SetSail provides complete and actionable sales data to give revenue teams full visibility into their data wherever it is: our easy-to-use application, your CRM, BI platform, or data lake of your choice. The platform uses a combination of AI and behavioral science to transform sales data into buying signals and rewards that drive more revenue to businesses. 

Customers see 33% faster ramp times, 16% higher revenue, and 15x ROI on sales programs. Used by top-ranking companies such as Cisco, ADP, and LinkedIn, the SetSail Sales Data Hub uses machine learning to help teams detect patterns and gain complete visibility.

Want to see how much sales data you’re missing in your CRM? Get a complimentary Data Gap Assessment.

Features & Benefits:

  • Captures, enriches, and maps your sales data
  • Automates manual data entry
  • Surfaces insights can be used to identify potential upsell and cross-sell opportunities
  • Excellent customer support and training resources to help teams get up and running as quickly as possible
  • Integrates with platforms like Gong, Outreach, and Salesforce to help organizations manage data in one place
  • Reduces ramp time
  • AI-backed incentives drive better rep performance


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Conclusion: Is Gong right for you? 

Gong is a leader in the revenue intelligence and operations space. It’s an incredibly powerful platform that’s even more impactful when combined with a Sales Data Hub like SetSail.  

SetSail can seamlessly integrate with intelligence tools like Gong, video conferencing tools like Zoom, and sales engagement tools like Outreach to capture sales data from every source. Using the data it gathers, SetSail provides insights into customer buying signals and productivity patterns in your CRM, your data lake, or in SetSail’s dashboards. 

With Gong and SetSail, your revenue team will have the intelligence they need to operate with increased efficiency and close more deals. Learn more about SetSail.