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Take a look under the hood to learn what SetSail can do, how it’s different from other sales tech, and how SetSail does it.

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How is SetSail using AI?

SetSail is an AI sales tool that uses OpenAI's large language model (LLM) to turn questions into SQL queries which it runs against your sales data and delivers the response in natural language. SetSail also uses AI to analyze sales email contents, meeting transcripts, contact details, calendar invites, SFDC data, SetSail signals, and more.

Does SetSail have complete access to our email and calendar data?

No. We need read-only access to a small subset of your company’s email and calendar data, namely customer-facing teams like sales and CS. We do not collect data from other departments, and we do not read or store internal emails, personal emails, or emails and meetings that are not customer-facing.

What data can SetSail automatically log?

SetSail automatically logs all relevant emails, meetings, and contacts back to your CRM. SetSail also writes contact details like job title, job function, email address, and phone number to the contact entity in your CRM.

What data is not collected by SetSail?

We take measures to ensure we only collect relevant data:

  • We automatically redact numbers 4 digits or longer
  • We implement standard methods to remove PII
  • We exclude emails that are internal only
  • We exclude emails that use free domains (e.g. gmail, yahoo, etc.)
  • We exclude any additional emails or domains you choose

Is SetSail a forecasting tool?

SetSail can be used to track deal progress and account health, but it is not a dedicated forecasting tool. However, forecasting tools require complete and accurate data to work. As such, most revenue teams who have a forecasting tool also use a data capture and enrichment tool like SetSail.

What data does SetSail need access to?

SetSail requires API access to your CRM system (to write contacts and events) and read-only access to email and calendar for your reps.

How is SetSail's AI different from AI used in other sales tech?

Unlike generic AI, SetSail's AI is specifically trained on hundreds of the most common sales questions. It's also tuned to each customer's specific sales process, internal jargon, and more. Finally, SetSail's AI takes a holistic look at every deal and rep, instead of analyzing individual calls.

Is SetSail using OpenAI/ChatGPT?

Yes, SetSail uses OpenAI's large language model (LLM). SetSail's AI model is unique, however. It's been trained on hundreds of the most common sales questions and it's tuned to every customer's specific sales process and sales data.

For SetSail to work, does my data already need to be clean?

No. SetSail can detect missing fields and contacts, as well as inaccuracies in contact and account data, and rectify them before SetSail begins adding new data.

How much control do we have with SetSail?

Complete control. All privacy filters, data capture logic, and access rights can be configured to your exact specifications.

Where does SetSail store our data?

Data at rest is stored in AWS S3. Your data is secured using both server-side encryption on S3 as well as client-side encryption.

How does SeSail handle privacy?

All data goes through multiple layers of privacy filters:

Global privacy filters

  • Excludes internal and personal emails for all users

Regional privacy

  • Include and exclude lists of emails and domains for subset of users
  • Redaction of email content can be turned on or off

Account ownership requirement  

  • All data captured through SetSail Collect has to be associated with an owned account to ensure the data is relevant

Individual seller filters

  • Include and excluded lists of emails and domains for individual users

Where does SetSail process our data?

Data is processed in our secure VPC in AWS. We provision each customer their own serverless containers when we process their data.

Does SetSail keep our data?

SetSail retains data collected during a contest period in order to process it for the content plus additional historical data from at least the prior content, up to 90 days, as part of the model we create for you. Each customer’s data is processed on isolated, serverless containers that terminate upon completion. Your data is stored and encrypted with both client-side encryption and server-side encryption using separate encryption keys.

Is SetSail secure?

Our infrastructure and data are spread across AWS zones to ensure our services will continue even if one of those data centers fails. All of our servers are in our own virtual private cloud (VPC) with network access control that prevents unauthorized access.

In addition, we have SOC 2 Type 2 certification and conduct regular third-party penetration testing to identify and mitigate potential vulnerabilities.

How does SetSail protect our data?

All your data is isolated and encrypted at rest and in transit with AES-256 encryption. All outbound and inbound data transmissions are encrypted using TLS 1.2, and we assign a unique customer master key for you which is rotated on a regular basis.

What objects and fields does SetSail write?

SetSail writes new emails, calendar meetings, and contacts to SFDC. SetSail also enriches contacts by writing to fields for title, phone number, department, and soon, job level and job function for contacts.

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