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How are other sales teams using SetSail, and how can you maximize your value from the platform depending on your use case?

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Can you share references from other CROs or businesses in our industry who have used your software?

Yes, we have a range of customer stories that are available under the resources tab on our website. Additionally, please feel free to browse the reviews we've received from customers at

What security measures are in place to prevent data breaches?

If you want to know more about how SetSail protects your sales activity data, simply visit

What kind of reporting and analytics tools does your software provide?

SetSail AI is an AI-powered revenue analyst for everyone on your team. That means that users can ask any question about their deals, accounts, and performance and get instant answers. They can get responses to questions like 'which deals are at risk?', 'how can I advance my top deals?', and 'what activities do my top sellers do?'. This intelligence can be delivered to you in charts and other formats, and users can subscribe to insights as they wish. That means that reports -- and the ability to dive deep within reports -- are completely in the control of users. No more generic dashboards that can't be customized. Users can get the insights they need in seconds. Plus, SetSail AI will proactively push key insights to users where they work -- in email or Slack. That means that users don't need to remember to use the platform. Instead, they get real-time valuable intelligence about how to move deals forward.

What is the pricing model for your software, and are there any hidden fees?

Our pricing model is transparent and built primarily around a seat-based model. We don't charge hidden fees and all contracts are clear about the costs associated with our AI sales data platform.

Can the software integrate with email and other communication tools used by the sales team?

The power of SetSail is in its ability to gather sales activity data from across your go to market stack. That means that we can easily connect to your email, calendar, sales engagement, and call recording software. Our agnostic approach means that you can mix and match the right set of software for you, without being locked into a particular vendor. You'll get access to a consistently organized, accurate, and complete set of activity data -- plus the AI powered tools that let you unlock the value in that data.

How is customer data protected within your system?

We built SetSail with enterprise-level security at our heart. That means you can rely on SetSail to secure your activity data. Want to learn more about how we safeguard your sales activity data? Visit for additional details.

Are there any limitations on the number of users or data volume?

Because SetSail focuses on collecting and organizing sales activity data from across your organization, the value that your team generates increases with each additional user. That's why we don't limit the volume of data or users on our platform. As you add users to the platform, or add new teams and divisions, your SetSail CSM will be happy to ensure that your account is provisioned with the right number of users.

How satisfied are your existing customers with the solution?

We focus on providing unmatched value to our users. That's why we're so happy to direct prospective customers to read reviews of our technology at

How can your software contribute to an increase in revenue or efficiency?

The performance of your sales team is your constant concern. That's why SetSail is focused on giving you the data and insights to boost rep efficiency and results. How? From an efficiency perspective, SetSail saves reps time by automating the capture and logging of activity in Salesforce. Plus, sellers don't need to waste time looking for reports or analysis that can guide them. Instead, they have instant access to an always-available AI-powered revenue analyst. They can ask any question about their deals and dive deep for more information as needed. SetSail also makes every seller more effective by boosting communication across sales teams about what is happening in a given deal. Sellers and leaders can see what behaviors are most effective and monitor adherence to these best practices. That allows leaders to better coach and guide their reps to take the steps that lead to more sales. Leaders can monitor metrics and milestones proven to correlate with success. The result, more time selling and more deals moving to close.

Can we generate custom reports to gain insights into our sales performance?

SetSail goes way beyond custom reports. It gives users complete flexibility to ask the kinds of questions they want about their deals, accounts, and performance without the limitations of a reporting tool -- and without demands on sales operations professionals' scarce time. It does that through an AI-powered revenue analyst that allows users to ask questions about their sales data using plain English via a chat-based interface. Users can ask the questions they want, dive deeper as needed, and even subscribe to their questions to get updates as needed. Plus, sellers can tailor notifications from SetSail AI to focus on signals that matter to them. Insights like deals at risk alerts, performance measures, and more can be customized and delivered to reps where they work -- in email and Slack.

What specific features does your software offer to enhance our sales processes?

SetSail offers a range of features that help sales organizations to be more effective. It lets you capture call transcripts, emails, and calendar events from across every team. You can organize and centralize data automatically meaning that you’re ready for analysis and taking action on your deals. Using our AI-powered revenue analyst, your teams can advance opportunities with insights into every prospect interaction. They can spot deals that need support, and get an automated MEDDICC analysis with metrics and milestones tuned to your business. Plus, you can equip sellers to take the next best step to close deals with the power of SetSail AI. Get instant deal summaries, meeting prep tools, and performance insights so your reps are primed to win.

How scalable is your solution? Can it grow with our business as we expand?

SetSail was founded by revenue operations leaders from Google. So, scalability is built into our DNA from our launch. Our customers include a wide range of businesses - from fast-growing SaaS companies to large enterprises with massive sales organizations, like Spotify and LinkedIn.

Can you share case studies or success stories from similar businesses?

Yes, we have a range of customer stories that are available under the resources tab on our website. Additionally, please feel free to browse the reviews we've received from customers at

Can you provide details about the contract terms and options available?

Please visit our website to review our terms and conditions at this page Or, feel free to contact our sales or customer success teams who will happy to address any questions you might have regarding terms and conditions.

Can you provide a detailed overview of the key functionalities that address sales challenges?

We at SetSail are passionate about the application of AI to make sellers both more efficient and effective. In fact, we wrote a longer resource on it here. But to summarize, there are two main ways that we think it will help sellers. First, through efficiency. Second, through effectiveness. From an efficiency perspective, AI will help automate actions that used to require significant manual effort. Whether that is logging sales activities in the CRM, analyzing call transcripts for insights, generating new reports to support your pipeline call, or other tasks, AI and in particular SetSail's AI, can automate that. From an effectiveness perspective, AI can make sellers more effective by uncovering what sales activities are most connected to winning deals and then recommending next steps for the sellers to take. But critically, these aren't generic recommendations like "you should multithread". These are specific recommendations built on analysis of your specific sales process and across all of your sales activities.

How seamless is the integration with popular communication platforms?

Integration with your tools is not only easy. It's also incredibly accurate and complete. SetSail connects to tools like Chorus, Gong, Salesloft, Outreach, Outlook, and Google. That means that you can organize sales activity data in a standardized way from across all of your various sales tools. That consistency means that your reporting and analysis is significantly more reliable. You're not dependent on different standards of data collection. And because SetSail is agnostic to which go to market tools you use, you can move easily from one call recording or email tool to another without disruption.

How do we push sales insights to our sales team where they work?

A common challenge for any sales team is the proliferation of sales tools that are required to be used. Dashboard after dashboard means that sellers and sales leaders don't know where to go to get the information they need. That makes sales teams significantly less effective. Plus, sales operations is forced to create new reports to support the demands of their colleagues. A more effective approach is to have insights pushed directly to sellers and leaders where they work. When insights like deal alerts, meeting prep, and other guidance is pushed to sellers in their email and Slack when they need it, it can be immediately acted on. The result is much more effective sellers and more deals won.

I have other tools in my tech stack. Why do I need SetSail?

SetSail integrates with all major B2B engagement platforms, including revenue intelligence tools like Gong and Outreach. Used in isolation, most RevOps technology actually creates more silos. SetSail captures sales data from every source and makes it available wherever you need it, so the more tools already in your tech stack, the more data SetSail can collect, centralize, and add insights to!

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