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What does SetSail track, what data does it capture, and how is it organized?

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What objects and fields does SetSail write?

SetSail writes new emails, calendar meetings, and contacts to SFDC. SetSail also enriches contacts by writing to fields for title, phone number, department, and soon, job level and job function for contacts

How does the CRM Health Grader work?

The grader works by analyzing contact, opportunity, and activity records to look for missing records. It then uses this analysis to generate a score based on your level of missing data. The missing sales data is vital to the health of your organization since it is the information your team needs to improve sales performance.

How can I improve my score?

– Create (and enforce) data quality standards
– Automate data where possible
– After you check your score, the SetSail team can help you capture, centralize, and enrich your sales data

Is there a dashboard for real-time performance tracking?

Yes, sales leaders and sellers have easy access to browser-based dashboard of general and highly customized metrics. Not just any metrics, but the metrics that are shown to matter for your unique sales process. Plus, SetSail's AI capabilities allow users to dynamically ask any question about their sales data and dive deeper as needed. The result is not a static, general dashboard, but rather realtime insights that actually match the needs of sales leadership and can be customized simply by asking SetSail's AI analyst.

How does the software ensure the accuracy and timeliness of the data entered by sales reps?

When sales reps are required to enter data into Salesforce the result is problematic. Some reps are more thorough. Some do it inconsistently. And all reps have different approaches to how they enter data. Even if data is automatically gathered and written back by tools, there are inconsistencies in how the data is synced by these various technologies. That means that the data that sales leaders and sales operations teams aren't able to rely on the resulting reports. SetSail ensures that the data is accurate and complete by automating the collection of data across the go to market team. That means that all sales data is orchestrated and organized for maximum value to the sales organization.

What key performance metrics can be monitored to assess individual and team performance?

SetSail does much more than track standard sales metrics like rep attainment and closed won deals. Because SetSail is tuned to support your unique business processes and sales model, it's able to report on key performance indicators that matter to your organization in particular. It can assess your sales process, identify which behaviors are positively correlated with sales success, and then track these tailored metrics. The result is that sales leaders can manage their teams based on what truly works versus generic metrics.

Can we view communication logs for specific team members or accounts?

It's vital to be able to view communication logs or activities by who is doing the activity (your sales team) and who is being interacted with (the prospect or customer). SetSail makes it easy for users to view these logs within Salesforce because every activity is synced from email, calendar, and call recording tools to your CRM and data store. Users can not only view these logs to get up to speed on accounts, but they can get insights into what's happened in an account simply by asking the SetSail AI analyst. Want to know when the next meeting is with a VP level lead? Just ask!

Are there customizable reports to focus on specific metrics or time periods?

SetSail's approach to sales activity reporting gives you ultimate flexibility. Rather than being limited by generic reports that don't match your sales process, SetSail identifies which metrics and milestones are correlated with success in the real world. Does a certain persona matter more? Is a certain message more impactful? SetSail helps you measure actions that matter. Users can then get insights narrowed down to particular users and time frames simply by asking the question in real time. Our AI agent understands your questions because it's tuned for sales needs. That means you can get instant answers to the most critical sales questions without asking your Salesforce admin for help.

Are there validation checks or alerts for incomplete or inaccurate information?

SetSail focuses on capturing and organizing accurate and complete data from across email, calendar, and call transcripts. Because it is tuned to suit your unique sales process and Salesforce data model, the data that is written back is of the highest standard. That means that revenue leaders and operations teams can rely on the data for their critical sales analysis.

Can we generate detailed reports on sales team activities for analysis?

SetSail provides sales leaders and sellers with both a dashboard view and a completely dynamic, AI-powered way to get insight into sales activities. The dashboard approach includes not only standard metrics and views on what deals are being worked on, what their real status is, and whether they will close. But also our AI analyst allows users to ask questions about their deals in real time. Want to know what deals are on track to close this quarter? Want to know which deals are at risk? Want to know what steps you should take to move risky deals forward? SetSail AI provides instant answers to these questions. Detailed reports on deals, rep performance, and more can be generated, saved, and pushed to you when you need them -- all without the intervention of Sales Operations.

Can we monitor calls, emails, meetings, and other interactions within the system?

Yes, sellers and sales leaders can monitor rep activity like calls, emails, and meetings in multiple ways. They can review activities in Salesforce, in their preferred data lake, and in SetSail's browser-based interface. Insights from monitoring rep activity can even be pushed directly to sellers where they work -- in their email and Slack.

Is there a centralized log for tracking communication history with leads and clients?

Because SetSail automatically tracks and syncs rep activity to Salesforce and other data stores, your team has a centralized log of communication with leads and clients. The activity feed is logged on the correct Salesforce records, showing every call, transcript, and email -- all without rep intervention. The result is that activities are logged in a much more consistent, accurate, and complete way than alternatives.

How does your software enable the tracking of sales team activities on a day-to-day basis?

SetSail automatically collects every email, call transcript, calendar, and other sales data from your sales activities. Customers connect SetSail with their go-to-market stack tools, like Gong, Outreach, Salesloft, and Chorus. SetSail then accurately gathers the information with no rep action required. Complete, consistent sales data gets pushed to your Salesforce instance or data lake, such as Snowflake or Databricks.

What are the most important sales reports I should be looking at?

Sales reports can provide valuable insights into your sales performance and pipeline. If you’re looking at the right ones, that is. The “right” sales reports depend on your industry, business model, and specific goals, but there are a few that stand out as important for most organizations.

The sales forecast predicts sales performance based on current trends, historical data, and existing pipeline. It’s critical for projecting revenue.

Next, sales performance reports by rep show how individual sellers are doing. You can see their targets vs actual performance, revenue generated, conversion rates, and more. It’s important to look at leading indicators on these reports — as well as the key indicators of deal progress that matter for your business — rather than just end results.

Sales funnel reports show you conversion rates at each stage of the sales cycle. That helps you identify bottlenecks and keep deals moving smoothly.

Churn and retention reports measure churn rates, reasons for churn, customer satisfaction, and more. These are key for identify why customers leave and proactively addressing customer concerns.

Finally, opportunity win/loss reports help you evaluate trends and areas for improvement in your sales process. You can find common objections and trends in what milestones and attributes lead to closed-won deals.

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