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How to tailor and tune the SetSail platform to solve your specific problems.

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Is training and support provided to help users get acquainted with the software?

Yes, we place a great amount of importance on ensuring that our users are successful. Our customer service team works with you to ensure that adoption and value are high. Also, because we enable users to interact with SetSail's AI-powered analyst via a chat based interface, it's easy for users to quickly engage with and get value from the SetSail platform. Plus, because we're not "yet another dashboard" that sellers have to go to -- but rather we push insights to sellers -- it's easy for reps to get value out of the solution on day one.

Can the software be customized to align with our unique sales processes and requirements?

Generic metrics and milestones can be helpful guides for your sales process. But they are significantly less impactful than KPIs that are tuned to your sales process. Similarly, data that is gathered and analyzed in a general way simply won't be as well structured or useful than data that is organized based on your sales process. SetSail's data capture is incredibly tunable. That means that we can more accurately harvest information from your sales activity data. Plus, our AI is tuned to match your unique sales process, nomenclature, and more. That means that when sellers ask questions and get insights from our AI revenue analyst, you know that the responses won't be unhelpful general responses. They'll be tuned to match your unique process.

What type of support and maintenance services are included with the software?

SetSail's customer service and professional services teams are accessible to help you support and maintain your instance of the platform. That includes activities like tuning the AI model, ensuring data writeback is working correctly, guidance on how to ask great questions to the AI, and more. Our reviews on G2 demonstrate how much our customers love to work with us.

What measures are in place to ensure smooth adoption by our sales team?

SetSail's customer service and professional services teams are here to help. We take great pride in the success of our customers. So, we'll be there to support you as you adopt the tool. Plus, SetSail isn't "yet another dashboard". We don't expect users to come to the tool. Instead, adoption is remarkably high because we push meaningful, relevant insights to sellers where they work -- in their email and Slack -- as they need it. So, the result is adoption and value to users is exceptionally high.

What level of flexibility does the system offer for customization?

Your sales process is unique to your business. So, you should expect that the insights and metrics that you get from SetSail are tuned to your unique business. That's what SetSail provides -- dynamically tuned analysis of your deals, sales teams, accounts, and more. Not generic analysis. Not generalized metrics. SetSail learns what activities advance deals. It learns what metrics and milestones are important for your business. And then it pushes these insights to your team as they happen. That means that your team can take instant action on deal insights because they know the recommendations and insights are tuned to their business.

How easily does your software integrate with our existing CRM and other sales tools?

SetSail is built from the beginning to make getting data into Salesforce a breeze. It automatically collects sales activity from across your sales tools and revenue teams. That data is organized and consistently synced to Salesforce. That means that every user has instant access to the data they need about what's happening in their deals -- all with no rep effort required. Integration with your go to market tech stack is simple. And because we're agnostic about which tools you use, it's simple for you to avoid lock-in to a call recording or sales engagement platform.

Are there any limitations in terms of integration with other systems?

Sales activity data can be generated by a wide range of tools. If you don't see your preferred email, calendar, call recording, sales engagement or other go to market tool in our supported environments, let us know. We're happy to discuss the integration options that are available to our customers.

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