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What are the most important sales reports I should be looking at?

Sales reports can provide valuable insights into your sales performance and pipeline. If you’re looking at the right ones, that is. The “right” sales reports depend on your industry, business model, and specific goals, but there are a few that stand out as important for most organizations.

The sales forecast predicts sales performance based on current trends, historical data, and existing pipeline. It’s critical for projecting revenue.

Next, sales performance reports by rep show how individual sellers are doing. You can see their targets vs actual performance, revenue generated, conversion rates, and more. It’s important to look at leading indicators on these reports — as well as the key indicators of deal progress that matter for your business — rather than just end results.

Sales funnel reports show you conversion rates at each stage of the sales cycle. That helps you identify bottlenecks and keep deals moving smoothly.

Churn and retention reports measure churn rates, reasons for churn, customer satisfaction, and more. These are key for identify why customers leave and proactively addressing customer concerns.

Finally, opportunity win/loss reports help you evaluate trends and areas for improvement in your sales process. You can find common objections and trends in what milestones and attributes lead to closed-won deals.

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