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What kind of reporting and analytics tools does your software provide?

SetSail AI is an AI-powered revenue analyst for everyone on your team. That means that users can ask any question about their deals, accounts, and performance and get instant answers. They can get responses to questions like 'which deals are at risk?', 'how can I advance my top deals?', and 'what activities do my top sellers do?'. This intelligence can be delivered to you in charts and other formats, and users can subscribe to insights as they wish. That means that reports -- and the ability to dive deep within reports -- are completely in the control of users. No more generic dashboards that can't be customized. Users can get the insights they need in seconds. Plus, SetSail AI will proactively push key insights to users where they work -- in email or Slack. That means that users don't need to remember to use the platform. Instead, they get real-time valuable intelligence about how to move deals forward.

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