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How can your software contribute to an increase in revenue or efficiency?

The performance of your sales team is your constant concern. That's why SetSail is focused on giving you the data and insights to boost rep efficiency and results. How? From an efficiency perspective, SetSail saves reps time by automating the capture and logging of activity in Salesforce. Plus, sellers don't need to waste time looking for reports or analysis that can guide them. Instead, they have instant access to an always-available AI-powered revenue analyst. They can ask any question about their deals and dive deep for more information as needed. SetSail also makes every seller more effective by boosting communication across sales teams about what is happening in a given deal. Sellers and leaders can see what behaviors are most effective and monitor adherence to these best practices. That allows leaders to better coach and guide their reps to take the steps that lead to more sales. Leaders can monitor metrics and milestones proven to correlate with success. The result, more time selling and more deals moving to close.

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