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Can you provide a detailed overview of the key functionalities that address sales challenges?

We at SetSail are passionate about the application of AI to make sellers both more efficient and effective. In fact, we wrote a longer resource on it here. But to summarize, there are two main ways that we think it will help sellers. First, through efficiency. Second, through effectiveness. From an efficiency perspective, AI will help automate actions that used to require significant manual effort. Whether that is logging sales activities in the CRM, analyzing call transcripts for insights, generating new reports to support your pipeline call, or other tasks, AI and in particular SetSail's AI, can automate that. From an effectiveness perspective, AI can make sellers more effective by uncovering what sales activities are most connected to winning deals and then recommending next steps for the sellers to take. But critically, these aren't generic recommendations like "you should multithread". These are specific recommendations built on analysis of your specific sales process and across all of your sales activities.

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