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How accurate is the forecasting feature in predicting future sales based on current activities?

Predicting whether a deal is at risk or will close is a science. And SetSail has data science at its core. Rather than relying on generic data points about deal health, SetSail evaluates what is truly happening in your deals. What have your sales teams communicated? Who did they communicate that information to? What was the persona's response? And more. The result is that SetSail has deep insight into which activities are correlated with sales results. Sellers can probe their accounts and deals to see which deals are at risk and how to move them forward. Plus, SetSail's AI agent can even push alerts about deal health and risk to reps where they work -- in email and Slack. The result is not only a more accurate forecast, but a HIGHER forecast because reps are able to take the steps they need to do to close more deals.

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