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What is the ideal sales team structure for our orgranization?

There is no such things as the “ideal sales team structure,” but there are some best practices and common strategies. Ultimately, the size and structure of your team depend on your organizational goals and resources.

To start, look for sales leadership (Directors and VPs) to provide overall leadership, set strategic direction and oversee sales operations. Under them, assign sales managers and team leads to manage and support individual sellers. Much of the coaching, guidance, and mentoring takes place at this level. Note that a CRO (Chief Revenue Officer) isn’t always immediately necessary when building out a sales team. Consider waiting for the right time and right person to fill that strategic role.

Depending on your GTM strategy, you might want an Inside Sales team. BDRs/SDRs there focus on prospecting with cold calling and emailing, qualifying leads, and passing them on to AEs.

Outside Sales includes AEs and Fields Sales. They’re responsible for managing and closing deals, often acting as the “lead” in a deal and even spending time on the road to meet clients in person.

Solution Engineers are helpful in more complex sales or more technical products. They can work alongside AEs to develop custom solutions and presentations.

Sales and revenue operations then manage the sales process, analyze data for better decision-making, and ensure the sales team has the necessary tools and resources.

Finally, consider a dedicated sales enablement position to provide the sales team with continuous training, skill development, and collaboration with product and marketing.

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