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How can AI algorithms assess and prioritize leads based on their likelihood to convert?

As your sales team interacts with prospects, it generates a wealth of information and insight through data from emails, calendars, call transcripts, and more. This sales data includes information like 'which persona engages with which messages', 'when is a good time to call them', and 'how urgent is their need'. Because SetSail AI is gathering this information across many data points, it can provide much deeper analysis about your prospects and which are most likely to be worth following up with. That can allow you to prioritize your leads and get the right team members working on them. Plus, with SetSail's meeting preparation tools, you can get the context for your next follow-up through instant summaries of the current state of play for any prospect. No more looking through emails and call transcripts. That makes the handoff between a Sales Development and Account Executive team much more efficient.

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