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What is the best way to onboard new sales reps?

A successful rep onboarding is critical in setting them up for success. It’s easier said than done, but there are certain best practices that can make the process smoother and more effective for all parties.

For instance, we recommend having a detailed and structured onboarding program that involves welcome materials, introductory content to the sales process and product, and access to the necessary tools as soon as possible. Then, a welcome orientation should introduce them to the team and cover the company’s mission, vision, and value.

Trainings come next. They should meet with the Product and Marketing teams for deep dives on product functionality and personas. They should also get in-depth trainings on the sales process and your tech stack, and that should be supplemented by role-specific training. 

But, it’s important not to get bogged down in training. Get them doing mock pitches and demos as soon as possible. Start them on a mentorship program. Get them listening to calls and sitting in on meetings. Provide clear performance expectations. Set a cadence for continuous feedback, coaching, and evaluation. And remember to celebrate milestones as they continue to ramp.

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