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How can I foster a positive team culture on my sales team?

Building a collaborative and supportive environment, team-building activities, and communication strategies.

Culture is both bottoms-up and top-down. “Bottoms-up” culture comes from the sales reps, but can be influenced by hiring the “right” people and by creating a positive physical environment in terms of lighting, seating, aesthetics, and personalization of workspaces. Note that by “right” people is not about homogeneity. In fact, “culture-fit” should be redefined as “culture add”. That way, you’re thinking about how new hires can contribute to your culture; not how they can blend in. 

“Top-down” culture includes leading by example and being explicit about the values and expectations you have for your team. For instance, you should demonstrate the values and behaviors you want to see in your team, and also communicate the work ethic and commitment you expect.

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